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Toronto Notes

Comprehensive medical reference and preparation for licensing exams.

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Essential Med Notes

Comprehensive medical reference and exam prep adapted for our US & International readers.

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Clinical Handbook

The essentials of Toronto Notes on the ward.

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Pharmacology You See

Pharmacology of major drug classes made simple.

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We believe in helping you succeed. Our guides are revised by students for students.

Toronto Notes is a concise and comprehensive medical review revised annually by the University of Toronto student contributors under the guidance of the Faculty of Medicine. This reference text started as a compilation of notes written by and shared among University of Toronto students to study for their medical licensing exams. After 29 years, it has become the most reputable study guide used by medical students across Canada and around the world.

“I like Toronto Notes because I feel it is complete enough to use on its own, and it greatly simplifies the review and study processes. It provides a concise, easy to read, comprehensive summation of all relevant material, and I feel it to be a trustworthy source of information.”

Senior Medical Student
Ireland, UK

“The single resource you need to EXCEL in the wards.”

Graduating Medical Student
Albert Einstein School of Medicine

“I think Toronto Notes prepared me well for the wards, and the oral exams I took. It is effective for shelf exams preparationToronto Notes is an excellent resource to have a detailed overview of the many subjects that I will not be seeing on an everyday basis.”

Senior Medical Student
Israel, Sachler School of Medicine

“I still refer to this after 10 years of general practice.”

Family Physician
Toronto, Canada


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Ethics, Legal and Organizational Medicine

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Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

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General Surgery

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Gavin Hamilton
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Clinical Pharmacology

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Family Medicine
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